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Sunday Funday Is Trending

Sunday Funday has become the day of the week to go out and enjoy yourself one last time before facing reality. This day has been aimed at the younger crowd, ages 21-30. It is time to change that by making Sunday Funday family friendly.

Here are amazing ideas to adopt into your Sunday promotions:

Set up a "DIY' Bar

Customers love to have the options to add everything but the kitchen sink to their drinks and food. Setting up a DIY bar allows them to do just that. We are giving you the easiest and most profitable options here:

  • Mimosa Bar- Create a bar with a various juice options, fresh fruit, and garnishes. Make sure to have a bartender filling up the glasses of champagne.

  • Taco Bar- Set up a buffet of taco offerings. This is easy- ground beef or chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos, cilantro, guacamole... all you can eat tacos pretty much!

  • Bloody Mary Bar- This one can get intense. If you are up for it add in food options because people go crazy for a bloody mary with a meal. Remember, have your bartender pouring the liquor. Lay out the olives, celery, carrots, pickled vegetables, salt, and pepper. You can even take it to the next level with chicken wings, cheeseburger sliders, and bacon!

Other Easy Promotion Ideas

  • Put on the big game

  • Brunch

  • Live entertainment

  • Family Trivia

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