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Grab Hot Dog Loving Customers By Adding These Promotions To Your Bar

Sometimes a nice hot dog is just the meal you need to feel all warm and fuzzy in our stomachs. They are the perfect little bite when we need a quick snack, but can also be turned into a full fledged meal with the number of creative toppings you can add to your bun.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day at your bar, here are some fun ideas:

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Promote an early sign-up and have plenty of water ready.

Hot Dog Bar

Line up the hot dog buffet for your customers. Throw a table together full of all the possible ingredients you can add to your dog. You can most likely use what you already have in the restaurant.

Hot Dog Costume Competition

This can be for humans and animals! The hot dog costume is one of the most popular costumes out there so if you promote this event, people will take out their Halloween costumes early!

Cookout/ Tailgate

Throw a tailgate party at your bar. Make it family friendly and set up games for everyone to join in. This party should be buffet-style and charge guests a fixed price for all you can eat hot dogs, burgers, and chicken.

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