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Be The Tequila Hero Your Neighborhood Needs

Sometimes Tequila is necessary in life- on a hot summer day, when eating Mexican food, or when it's National Tequila Day, of course! This is a bar holiday you cannot miss out on. Forget Christmas, we have a day dedicated solely to Tequila?! That is like the ultimate adult Christmas!

Follow this plan and your guaranteed a line out the door:

Tequila Flights

Fly guests to Tequila, Mexico (no, seriously that is what it's called) with the tequila tasting you have at your bar. Pair some chips and salsa so they can snack between sips. And so they don't get too crazy!

Spice Things Up

Add an extra kick to your margaritas with jalapenos, habaneros, or serrano peppers. Rim the glass with tajin seasoning for an extra flare.

Tequila Pairings

Tacos are an obvious choice here, but to really impress your guests, marinate the meat in tequila! You could also create a tequila pairing menu filled with steak, fish, and dessert. Get fancy!

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