4 Easy Ways to Attract a New Crowd to Your Bar

July 27, 2019

Whether you enjoy your scotch neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water, today is no day for judgement. National Scotch Day is a big opportunity to educate your guests and employees on this Scottish liquor. 


Here's how to celebrate Scotch at your venue:


Scotch Happy Hour


Scotch can be pricey, so instead of having specials all day, offer discounts for a limited time only. People that truly enjoy the spirit will make sure to be at your bar.


Scotch Flights


The thought of trying a few options of scotch can open people up to giving scotch a try. Offer a cleanser in between tastings. 


Scotch Concoctions 


You would never think this strong liquor could be mixed and still taste good, but it's possible! It is still a whisky, so there are many options out there. Try a punch drink or even a twist on a Manhattan. 


Hire a Vendor


Get someone in your bar to educate everyone. People like to learn about what they are drinking and then they feel more inclined to try it!



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