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How To Host Fantasy Draft Parties At Your Venue

Football season is almost upon us, and that means millions of people are preparing to dominate their Fantasy Football League.

Even though most fantasy leagues are now done online, there are few things more awesome than the social aspect of Draft Day. There’s plenty of smack talking, player stealing, beer guzzling, wing eating fun!

An often-missed opportunity is putting together a ‘Fantasy Draft Package’ to local leagues in your area. Believe it or not, it’s an easy and VERY profitable promotion to run.

Here’s how to do it!

Create the ‘Package’: Come up with a food and drink package that you can offer to any league that hosts a draft party at your venue. Pair four dozen wings with four pitchers of beer for a special price, for example.

Create a special discount: This could be as simple as 20% off your bill, or a special menu with discounted items.

Set up a private space to use: Make sure it’s an area with a strong Wi-Fi connection, and supply paper, pens, and other supplies that may be useful.

Create a discount card: Keep league members coming back all season long with a discount card they can use every ‘Football Day’ at your bar.

Offer a prize: Award something to the winner of each league at the end of the season. A $50 gift card will entice people to come back to your venue, along with most of the other owners.

As with anything you do, get creative! You know your space and your customer base, so…what would entice people to come in for their Fantasy Draft and keep them coming back all season long?

And don’t wait – start planning and promoting your Draft Party TODAY. Football season is right around the corner!

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