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How to make Cinco de Mayo a true FIESTA at your bar!

Cinco de Mayo is one of the largest and most celebrated bar events of the year. Bar patrons love to come out and enjoy this yearly party, but hosting a week-long series of events can help you stand out in a crowded bar scene.

For starters, plan out some cool promotions based on the history of the holiday.

Fun Fact: Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day. It actually signifies Mexico’s victory against the French in an 1862 battle that, had France won, would likely have resulted in French colonization of Mexico.

The Mexican victory became a symbol of resistance. Mexican-American soldiers used it as inspiration fighting for the Union in the Civil War. This is also why Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated in the United States than in Mexico.

Knowing the history of this day can make your bar a unique destination for prospective customers. Here are more ways you can add some flair to your Cinco de Mayo festivities:

Trivia Night: Host a trivia night with some fun facts about the origins of Cinco de Mayo. Create questions that are entertaining, but also informative. Customers will appreciate the effort!

Decorations: Decorating with cactuses, flowers, and the print of Mexican falsa blankets is a fun way to create atmosphere. Change it up during the week, and add different colors for a more vibrant look.

Food: Offer Mexican staples like chips, queso, and quesadillas. Creating a special taco recipe fusing Mexican and American eats at a great price - this is sure to wow your customers!

Drinks: Margaritas and tequila are always popular staples of Cinco de Mayo. But why not mix up your presentation - head over to Oriental Trading and grab some cactus shot glasses and funky drinking straws to give your drinks more character.

Most bars hold a Cinco de Mayo party on May 5th. But by making your Cinco de Mayo a week-long festival, you're on your way to creating a fun atmosphere that will encourage customers to return to your bar.

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